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From kombucha to kimchi, from sourdough to tempeh, fermentation went into overdrive in 2021.

People who were making kombucha to drink at home started selling their wares online, lured by the low barrier to entry. All anyone needs is a scoby - symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast - plus tea, sugar and time. The scoby turns sweetened tea into kombucha in seven to 10 days.

Others such as Yocha Kombucha have already made the leap. They supply to restaurants and, in the case of Yocha, its drinks are sold in FairPrice and Cold Storage supermarkets, online on Redmart and Amazon, and are also available in restaurants.

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It's definitely no new fad. Besides existing for thousands of years before the avocado-loving generation picked it up and rebranded it to the same yoga-practising bunch, the refreshing drink is now witnessing a revival as we begin to tire of the many heavy food indulgences delivered to our doorstep and crave for something to cleanse the gut.

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With Amanda Tan, founder and seasoned kombucha brewer at the helm, Yocha offers more than a series of healthy teas such as rose petal black tea, roasted brown rice tea and tieguanyin oolong. Its line of kombuchas comes in six flavours, including the soothing Earl Grey and lavender, detoxifying lemongrass and ginger, and refreshing lemon and mint. You can also opt for your drink to be sweetened by honey instead of sugar.

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Meet Amanda, the successful business owner of Yocha who serves up Kombucha, which is a fermented and slightly alcoholic tea drink commonly intended as a functional beverage for its multiple health benefits. In this interview, she shares her trials and tribulations on her journey as an entrepreneur.

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Yocha's founder Amanda Tan is a seasoned kombucha brewer, having started her brewing journey five years ago. Since then, her love for kombucha and belief in its health benefits prompted her to develop her own line of kombucha tea blends, and business has been doing so well that her husband decided to leave his private banking role earlier this year to help grow the business.

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Singapore-based kombucha brand Yocha is investing in scaling up its production at a new factory in order to support its overseas expansion strategy.

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By Isabel Cruz - April 11, 2019

After It Greatly Improved Her Chronic Allergies, She Decided To Spread The Love Of Kombucha

A confession: up until this year, I didn’t know what kombucha was. I was truly ignorant of its incredible health benefits, and it wasn’t until I came across the Instagram profile of Yocha did I even begin to get interested.

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Probiotic drinks such as kombucha and kefir may seem like a new health trend, but they’ve actually been around for centuries.

Get on board the probiotic drink trend at these places.

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Yocha's founder - Amanda Tan - has suffered from chronic eczema and sinusitis since her teens. She chanced upon an article on the benefits of fermentation for allergies sufferer. This led her to discover a whole new world about probiotics and gut health. Realising that probiotics could help improve gut health, she started brewing her own fermented drink - kombucha.

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Frustrated with her eczema and sinusitis troubles since her teens, Amanda Tan - YOCHA Kombucha's Founder, chanced upon an article on the benefits of fermented drinks.

Video: Yocha Kombucha Wins Asia Food Innovation Award

Yocha Kombucha Singapore founders Amanda Tan and Lawrence Teh spoke with FoodBev following the company's victory in the best health wellness product category at the Asia Food Innovation Awards.