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By Kylie Wong, Posted: Thursday May 16 2019


Yocha's founder Amanda Tan is a seasoned kombucha brewer, having started her brewing journey five years ago. Since then, her love for kombucha and belief in its health benefits prompted her to develop her own line of kombucha tea blends, and business has been doing so well that her husband decided to leave his private banking role earlier this year to help grow the business.

Yocha currently has a range of six different flavours, from the refreshingly delightful lemongrass and mint to the floral-scented earl grey and lavender. Each bottle retails for $8.80. An item unique to Yocha is their kombucha jelly ($15), which Tan was inspired to create after customers asked for a kid-friendly version of kombucha that children would enjoy. The jelly is made to order, flavoured with fresh fruits and chia seeds, and sweetened with organic cane sugar. Currently, Yocha's production kitchen doubles up as a physical store for customers to pick-up their orders. An appointment has to be made in advance before dropping by.

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