"Get back to feeling great with YOCHA"

YOCHA Kombucha was born out of a desire to help people get back to feeling great. Frustrated with her eczema and sinusitis troubles since her teens, Amanda Tan - YOCHA Kombucha's Founder, chanced upon an article on the benefits of fermented drinks. This led to her to digging deeper into the topic and she discovered a whole new world of probiotics and gut health. 

She learnt that bad gut health is linked to poor digestion, a reduced immune system, low energy levels and an increased chance of developing chronic illnesses. Realising that probiotics could help improve gut health, she started brewing her own fermented drink: Kombucha. 

Fast forward to today, Amanda's sinusitis has completely cleared, she has had no eczema flare-ups since 2016, and she still continues with her daily habit of kombucha drinks. Inspired by how much better her skin, digestion and breathing has become, and how much more energetic she feels, YOCHA Kombucha Singapore was launched and became an instant hit. 

Available in refreshing and delicious flavours, YOCHA is 100% natural, contains no preservatives, colourings or chemicals and is unpasteurised. Packed full of nutrition and probiotics in a bottle, sip your way to a healthier gut with YOCHA  Kombucha and start feeling good from the inside out today!